Ranging from Cinematic Wedding Films to Documentaries to Commercials, we at Psyoptic Media Productions believe in capturing the real essence of a scenario. Dealing with multiple genres, we live to thrive for the best in class.  while be it a Destination Wedding or a Commercial, we are renowned for taking the deliverables to another height. With serving our clients to be our key motive, We live to Think, Create & Grow

Visual Effects

Includes but not limited to:

* Audio Production  * Color Correction * Visual Effects

* Motion Graphics * Sound Design * Post-Production

The gravitational pull that exists between great directors and great cinematographers is natural. Many of the best pairings throughout film history have been project based, with the director or producer picking a cinematographer to achieve a specific look for a particular film.

Psyoptic Media Productions has collaborated with the best visionary cinematographer ADJ Visuals, to assist in all of our production work.

The image that appears on the movie screen is the direct and tangible result of the joint efforts of the director and the cinematographer.

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